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Energy efficiency services for your building or portfolio

Energy Assessments

We evaluate your building or site. We look for energy conservation opportunities — building improvements that will reduce your energy use and are covered by incentive programs. We will then make a proposal, including the utility incentives that will pay for all or part of the project. There is no charge and no obligation.


Weatherization for multi-family homes

Air sealing and insulation will make your building more efficient and comfortable year-round. It will save money on heating and cooling costs for management, ownership, and residents.


Air source heat pumps and HVAC retrofits for multi-family housing

Get furnace and boiler repairs, higher efficiency mechanical components, or upgrades to the latest air source heat pump technology. Reduce the risk of heating system failure and cut down on your heating costs.

And more...


smart thermostats

Better manage your building’s or even your portfolio’s energy consumption. Choose user-friendly WiFi thermostats that give your residents the right amount of control, but also allow your maintenance staff to troubleshoot issues before they become problems. Paradigm works with the latest building controls technology and smart thermostats.


Even if you’ve done a lighting retrofit within the last five years, your building may be eligible for more incentive-funded lighting retrofits that will reduce your electric bills, cut down on maintenance costs, and make your residents happy.


Incentive programs for multifamily housing include free energy saving devices for residents, such as refrigerators, power strips, faucet aerators, and more. Paradigm can bundle these incentives with larger projects, providing extra value to your residents with very little effort on your part.