The Premium Project Experience

Paradigm Energy Services is a turnkey energy services company providing LED lighting, weatherization, mechanical energy efficient upgrades and other renewable and distributed generation solutions.

We provide development, design, build, and finance solutions to agencies and building owners in the commercial market, including multi-family, institutional and industrial. Our team approaches efficiency improvements from a comprehensive, whole-building, systems perspective; we oversee the entire planning, design and implementation process with an expert eye.

Our turnkey energy efficiency services include multi-family energy efficiency programs, Mass Save energy audits, insulation, weatherization, LED lighting, and HVAC upgrades.

Our Process

As a turnkey energy efficiency solutions provider, we help our clients manage all aspects of their energy efficiency upgrades, providing a single point of responsibility from start to finish. Our process keeps building managers informed while minimizing disruptions to building employees and tenants.

Situational Analysis

A member of our business team will work with you to determine history, needs and a potential program match.

Energy Audit

A member of our project development team will visit your site to document the building profile and the existing energy consumption.

Scope Development

Our thorough understanding of your building from the onsite audit allows us to develop Energy Conservation Measures and customized recommendations for energy reduction.

Project Financing

Paradigm Energy Services will match you with the best incentive program for your building, and provide a pre-approved proposal outlining any incentives and financing available for your project. For buildings that qualify as low-income housing, most, if not all, upgrades and improvements will be covered by approved utility programs.

Customer Proposal Approval

We will present you with a proposal outlining the project scope. With your approval, we will schedule your installation.

Project Planning

Our project management team will draft a project proposal for your approval, which will clearly spell out what tasks are happening on what days as well as any specific requirements for, or impacts on, your staff, residents and site that may occur. Paradigm Energy Services manages the entire process, ensuring that projects are designed to meet the multifaceted needs of property managers, owners and tenants.


Whether installing new pumps and fans, updating lighting systems or optimizing existing equipment, our crews will mobilize under the direction of our expert project management team and will execute the installation in a clear and transparent fashion.


We take pride in our work and ensure your satisfaction with our installation. Our team will always stand behind our labor and materials. We guarantee you will be happy with the final product or we will return your site to its original condition—at no cost to you.

Examples of Paradigm Energy Services Improvements

Paradigm Energy Services approaches each project with the same conviction: we will deliver a project experience that improves the building infrastructure and the quality of life for the users of the building and reduces the operating expenses of the building, while insuring every individual the project impacts is treated with dignity.

Lighting Upgrades & Controls

High Efficiency Heating and Cooling Units


Energy Star Appliances

Pipe Insulation

Shower & Faucet Aerators

Building Insulation

Air Sealing

Ventilation & Bath Fans

Boiler & Furnace


Roof Exhaust Fans