The Paradigm Difference

Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors. The building conditions directly impact people’s ability to improve their lives. We believe growth and improving quality of life is a human right. Everyone deserves dignity and an improved quality of life. Dignity begins with strengthening people, who then build strong communities.

Core Values

Our accountability to six core values ensures our customers receive a premium project experience that provides the dignity that every individual deserves.

By ensuring we are completely aligned with WHY our business exists and HOW we conduct ourselves in all our interactions, WHAT we ultimately provide falls successfully into place. Our firm is built upon an intentional belief in our purpose and a disciplined practice of core value accountability. This ensures we can provide a service that improves the quality of life of those we serve.

01.Treat everyone with dignity.
02.Take the time to do it right.
03.Be impeccable with your word.
04.Always do your best.
05.Don’t make assumptions.
06.Don’t take things personally.
100% of the time, in 100% of our projects.

Our Team

Paradigm Energy Services is led by industry experts with over a century of combined construction industry and award-winning green building experience. As a customer-oriented team, we have seasoned auditors, engineers and project managers to ensure every project is executed properly.

We are always looking for team players.
Creative problem solvers. Diverse self-starters.

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