Energy efficiency upgrades for homes in Massachusetts
For single family and small multi-family homes

Save Money and Energy in Your House

If you live in a house or a small multi-family home with 4 or fewer apartments, there are many different upgrades you can make to save energy:

  • Insulation and air sealing
    Keep your house warmer and more comfortable in the winter. Also cooler in the summer!
  • Air source heat pumps
    This technology uses electricity instead of oil or gas. It’s a lot more energy-efficient. And in addition to costing you less, it provides air conditioning in the summer!
  • Energy-efficient appliances
    From power strips to refrigerators!
  • Water-saving devices
    Faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads will cut down your water and heat usage

Incentive programs pay for energy efficient upgrades in income-eligible buildings.

And you don’t need to do the paperwork!
If you qualify, Paradigm can help you apply for funding to cover the costs of energy upgrades.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps can provide efficient heating and cooling for your home. According to the Department of Energy, you can expect to save nearly $1000 a year in heating costs if you are replacing an oil burner with air source heat pumps. And air source heat pumps will become even more environmentally friendly as more of our electricity is generated by renewables like wind and solar power.

Utility incentives can offset the cost of installing air source heat pumps. Paradigm Energy Services can install this technology free of charge to eligible households.

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Insulation and Air Sealing

Insulation and air sealing are the two main types of weatherization. Insulation helps stop heat from escaping through the walls – and also keeps your home cooler during the summer months. Air sealing measures like caulking and door sweeps will stop air leaks and drafts.

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Save up to 100%

If you qualify for services through the Low-income Energy Affordability Network program, there will be no charge for the energy efficiency upgrades to your house.