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Air Source Heat Pump basics

Download our info sheet!Now is a great time to think about installing air source heat pumps! Increasingly, incentives and tax breaks exist to promote reducing overall carbon emissions. This brings electrification into focus – switching heating fuel from natural gas or oil to electric. It’s true that electrification may not bring immediate benefits in carbon emissions reduction – it all depends on whether your electricity comes from fossil fuels or from renewables. As the electricity grid becomes increasingly powered by renewable energy like wind and solar, electric heating will become less and less carbon-intensive over time. That’s why public policy and incentive programs are promoting electrification.

The technology behind air source heat pumps has matured, and air source heat pumps are now a great choice as the primary or only heat source for buildings throughout most of New England.

Download our “Air Source Heat Pump Basics” sheet to learn more!

Download the Air Source Heat Pump info sheet